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| International Engagement Management | Market Alignment | Market Sizing | Stakeholder Relations | Market Intelligence |

Auditing, activating and supporting business to business activities, domestically & internationally. We work on developing high level industry to industry, city to city or region to region value based relationships and opportunities, as well as B2B. With strong networks with Chambers' of Commerce, State/Provincial and Local Government Departments, leading Industry Groups and Representatives, we get you Connectted. Accelerate your project or mission...get Connectted. 


| Strategic Visitation | Itinerary Development | Chaperone, Negotiation & Translations Service | Visa Applications | Sales Conversion |

Take control and leverage inbound and outbound visitations, sales trips and delegations by strategically aligning opportunities to benefit you. Use our intel, translation and chaperone services to ensure you convert, negotiate and command the best outcome.


| Strategic Marketing | Public Relations | Branding | Market Research |  White Papers | International Engagement Strategy |

From a product or branding development project, through to a detailed marketing plan or integrated communications strategy, or perhaps you need a little PR help (LinkedIn, media releases & pitching, academic product or supporting research articles), some consumer behavior insights or maybe something else...our definitive processes will extract, highlight and determine your true path to market.


| Approved Export Marketing Development Grants | Grant Assessment, Alignment & Applications | Stakeholder Consultation |

Just don't have the time to research, filter, interpret or write grant applications? We do! We will identify and target grants that could accelerate your growth. Infrastructure, innovation, marketing, business development, export access...the list is endless...get in touch...


| IP Search & Procurement- Trademark, Domain, Company & Business Name | International Marks, Domains and Company Search | Targeted IP Strategy | NewCo IP Packages |

Intellectual Property is a key component in creating immediate and long term value for your products, and your business. Many businesses don't invest early, and find that they either are contravening others which becomes costly, or have limited growth ops through the selections they have made. Also you can stop copy-cat startups who are seeking to leverage off your success and take market share. Invest, protect, prosper with IP-Me. 


| Brand Development | Focus Groups | Logo Creation | Story Boarding | Brand Audit | Integrated Branding Strategy | Qualitative Analysis | 

After developing many product and business and organisational brands, we understanding the process of working with internal departments and external stakeholders to develop meaningful brands that resonate and create affinity with people. 

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International Engagement & Management/Procurement: Services
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