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A Comprehensive Approach


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We have successfully secured over $20M in grants and funding for our clients. This includes funding up to $10M for major manufacturing expansion projects. 

Working closely with Indigenous Communities, we have secured Federal Government and State Government grants for Master Planning, Infrastructure Development, Business Cases and Enterprise Modeling, LandCare Projects, Food Traceabilty Studies, and other Agribusiness based projects. 

For commercial enterprises, we have secured grants for advanced manufacturing, food manufacturing and processing, serum producers, and others. 

For Tourism we have secured grants for Business Innovation and Product Development, Master Planning of Precincts, Cellar Door Infrastructure, Historical Building Restoration, Product/Asset Development (Glamping, Tours, Immersive Experiences), and Trail Strategies. 

For the Health Sector, we have supported Allied Health services for business development, NDIS service providers and training organiations. 

We have also supported many Non-Government Organisations and Not-For-Profit Enterprises to get access to funds, and grants to help them achieve their goals. 

Contact Us for grant insights, and to recieve updates for grants that apply to you. Call Martin on 0421 324 509 or email for immediate contact. 

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