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"We had an outstanding visit to the Nanjing Smart City Control Centre which helped position our strategy back for Smarter Bendigo as we were exposed to world leading technology demonstrated by seeing operations in 'real time'." 
"Getting yourself out of your comfort zone and into a different and dynamic culture has provided the space to ponder new ideas and new ways of doing business."
Glenn Pomeroy, Board Member Australian Smart Cities Association

Glenn Pomeroy

"I just wanted to circle back to tell you how helpful Ning was re China. We now have half the heads of Victoria's public service heading on our tour of the Smart City Control Centre."
Victorian Government Department Head

Victorian Government

“Be.Bendigo is proud to partner with Global City Connect to engage our members in trade development opportunities in China.
I was thrilled to be a part of the February delegation to Jiangsu Provence. I returned to Australia with renewed appreciation for the pace and scale of China’s economic growth and Chinese consumers high regard for Australian produce, education and professional services. I enjoyed making new friends and building a network in China and with other local members of our delegation. This experience has significantly influenced my world view. It’s one thing to read of China’s phenomenal transformation and quite another to visit and engage in opportunity directly.”
“Best Exchange Group are incredibly well organised. Ning and Martin work to understand their guests business objectives during the delegation and tailor experiences accordingly. I highly recommend joining a delegation with Global City Connect.”

Leah Sertori, CEO, Be.Bendigo

Connect team recently lead a delegation of Bendigo Council, business and associated groups on a nine day tour of China. While the focus was largely on building relationships and business opportunities for the region the tour achieved far more. In visiting Shanghai, Nanjing and our Sister City Haimen, and several other destinations we where both culturally and socially engaged by our hosts. The destinations where well thought through and we where constantly impressed by the diversity of topics, sites and influential government and business people we met. This tour gave us a great insight to the scope and opportunities that China and South East Asia has to offer as well as a better understanding of their culture and relationships to doing business in this rapidly growing region. The contacts made and potential linkages would be invaluable to anyone wishing to trade or do business in the region.

Finally may I say the accommodation was excellent, the tour well organised and it was a privilege to be involved in the discussions and relationships that where formed along the way."

Councillor James Williams- City of Greater Bendigo

"I attended the Expedite Asia-China Delegation in February 2017. It was a great experience and an opportunity to understand China’s business and social culture. The GCC team organised a great itinerary and were able to facilitate meetings and create understanding between the Australian delegates and Chinese business people. It is definitely a great way to experience China"

Sam Birrel- CEO Committee for Greater Shepparton.

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Meaningful Collaborations

Image by Nagy Arnold


Project Development, Business Cases, Strategic Planning

Working on numerous major grant proposals across Australia, we have helped secure projects up to $2M in value. This includes infrastructure grants that facilitates major tourism gateway projects, unique business cases for cultural & heritage assets, activation strategies for existing projects, and entrepreneurial development for communities.

Client 1


Business Attraction & Value-capture

Working closely with the Economic Development Manger, and utilising the existing internal and external datasets, we were able to strategies on the key areas for business attraction and business support for existing business, to capture the most value to the local economy. This included a focus on community development initiatives to build community capability and capacity to support those developing industries.

Client 7



Working closely with an indigenous organisation, and taking on the failing project from a global leading agency, we were able to develop a comprehesive business case that activated existing assets, extended the capability of other assets, and developed a $2.5M business opportunity. This has led to extensive grant funding attraction, and a commitment from State and Federal government to deliver flagging activation projects.

Client 8


Business Incubation

By realising the capacity of the creative industries, there was a clear opportunity to bring the like-minded businesses together to form a co-working environment that would enable greater efficiency, insights and collaboration to the network. This initiative has activated greater entrepreneurship within the community whilst also mitigating business failure through business development strategies.

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